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AutoTrac &
AutoTrac Universal

John Deere guidance systems lead the way

Lower fuel costs. Reduced fertiliser and chemical usage, more sustainable farming and higher productivity and profitability. The benefits of guidance are immediate, clear and proven.

John Deere pioneered machine guidance over 15 years ago and we have been innovating ever since. No other manufacturer offers the range of guidance products we do. From simple manual control to fully automated systems, there is something for you. It’s not only for green and yellow: We offer solutions for many other brands so if you have a mixed fleet there’s no reason why you cannot benefit from John Deere guidance systems.

Integrated AutoTrac System

Master straight lines and turns with AutoTrac.

Pick up the mouse and put it to the test. No matter how sharp your eye it’s difficult to track straight lines and turns. The same principle applies driving a tractor. Even the most skilled operator underperforms an automatic guidance system!
So call John Deere to help set you straight with AutoTrac. Paired with a StarFire 3000 receiver and GreenStar display, the integrated AutoTrac vehicle kit provides optimum guidance accuracy.

  • Highly accurate, repeatable guidance in curves and straight tracks
  • One base station for multiple machines and RTK networks
  • Reduced soil compaction
  • Increased operator comfort
  • Work in low visibility situations
  • RTK-Extend feature
  • Also for competitive machines
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AutoTrac Universal

Automatic mobile guidance for your entire fleet.

John Deere AutoTrac Universal 200 delivers the productivity increases and cost savings of automatic mobile guidance to your entire fleet including older-generation John Deere tractors as well as most other manufacturers’ machines.

  • Set-up takes just minutes
  • Complete kit includes steering wheel, ISOBUS touch-screen monitor, pre-installed software and StarFire GPS receiver
  • Easily transferable from one machine to another
  • Available at three accuracy levels (RTK, S2 and S1)
  • Your John Deere dealer can advise on the optimum solution for your operations
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